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WIFLY utilizes the most common Wi-Fi network technology to provide affordable and stable wireless network access along with various product combinations to accommodate customer demands and turn Taipei City into a leading wireless international metropolis. “Count on Wi-Fi at home and Go WIFLY elsewhere”; WIFLY shall free you from the chains of wired connection and allow you to enjoy wireless internet surfing anytime, anywhere.
Advantage I: Almost 10000 hotspots across Taiwan
resently, there are nearly 10000 WIFLY hotspots established across Taiwan with areas of coverage covering major thoroughfares, libraries, administration buildings, united hospitals, MRT stations in Taipei City and renowned franchises such as 7-ELEVENs, Starbucks Coffee, IS Coffee, Ikari Coffee, Mos Burger, Burger King and so forth. As long as you are within the service area of hotspots, you will be able to take advantage of cheap yet stable internet access from WIFLY using notebook PCs with Wi-Fi functionality, mobile phones or even gaming devices to enjoy wireless LOHAS!

Advantage II: Competitively priced
Using WIFLY wireless internet access is not only cheaper than the 3G/3.5G mobile internet access monthly packages offered by telecom service providers but more and more notebook PCs, mobile phones and even gaming devices come with built-in Wi-Fi functionalities. Taking advantage of WIFLY service is cheaper in comparison since it does not require purchase of a network card, unlike 3G mobile internet access service.

Advantage III: Offers the most versatile service solutions to accommodate the needs of different customer demographic
WIFLY offers extremely versatile subscription rate solutions for different customer demographic with different needs. You can choose the solution that suits your needs most. In addition, subscribers of Boingo and iPass services can keep their original accounts and passwords to use WIFLY service.
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